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Master of Science in Computer Information Systems: Mission Statement

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS)

Degree at a Glance

Degree at a Glance




     -30 credits


     -$650 per credit

     -Financial aid is available; eligibility determined on an individual basis


     -Can be completed in as few as 18 months

Degree awarded

     -Master of Computer Information Systems 

          -Cybersecurity Concentration

          -Health Informatics Concentration

          -Thesis Option

          -Non-Concentration Option

Offered by

     -Department of Computer Science

Graduate Program Mission Statement

The mission of the graduate program is to provide graduate students skill sets to compete in the global marketplace as skilled IT professionals and business leaders.

Talladega College Mission Statement

Talladega College is an institution rich in history whose mission is to equip its graduates for the global community through academic excellence, moral values, community service, and professional development.

Talladega College Vision Statement

Talladega College aspires to be a center of academic excellence in liberal arts higher education; thus preparing students not only for graduate studies but also for the global community.

Core Values

Talladega College promotes its core values through:

  • STUDENTS FIRST: The main stakeholders are students.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Faculty and Staff promote planning that builds on a culture of responsibility and transparency, including the provision of benchmarks for measuring progress.
  • INTEGRITY: Foster honesty by acting in a candid, fair, and ethical manner, creating a culture of trust that is evident in all College activities and decision-making.
  • DIVERSITY: Expose students to diversity inherent in the world in which we live.
  • EXCELLENCE: To teach high-quality educational programs and perform innovative research, thus being preeminent in all that we do

The college recognizes its historic achievements in the sciences and humanities grounded in liberal arts education by preparing students not only for the world of work but also for advanced graduate studies.

The college nurtures the whole person through mentoring relations between faculty and students. It provides experiences that develop strong moral and ethical behaviors and responsibility to the local community and to the world.

The college is part of a diverse global society and seeks to instill an understanding and appreciation of diversity through its curriculum and multicultural faculty.

Talladega College is dedicated to producing well-rounded leaders who think independently, who are self-assured, and who are committed to intellectual growth and service to their community.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
July 21, 2016

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Start Application

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October 12 – December 28, 2020

Spring I:

January 11 – March 29, 2021

Spring II:

April 12 – June 28, 2021


July 12 – September 27, 2021


October 11 – December 27, 2021




Ms. Debra Simmons

Administrative Career Coach for the Master of Computer Science Program

Office Phone: 256-761-6216
Office: Sumner Hall, Room 217: Academic Affairs

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