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Savery Library

Savery Library is dedicated to helping every student, faculty member, staff member, alumni, and Talladega Citizen.

Archived Catalogs

The institution ensures the availability of archived official catalogs, digital or print, with relevant information for the course and degree requirements sufficient to serve former and returning students. These catalogs are available in Savery Library College Archives. A request form needs to be submitted to the College Librarian. These catalogs are available during normal library hours. If a digital catalog is requested, please allow up to 48 hours for processing, the item will then be emailed to the email address on the request form. The official catalogs that are available are from 1870-2018. (See Forms tab)

Savery Library Staff is currently in the process of digitizing our catalogs. Please be patient with us during this process. If there is a catalog you would like to see but is not available digitally yet. Please email for any additional information.